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NLS (Agent Credentialing)

Before you apply, you must be a current employee of a facility, or have been instructed by a cannabis business entity HR representative to apply for agent credentialing.

Initial Agent Registration (applying for a credential for the first time)

Step 1: Register for an account:!/il-doa/register
Step 2: Click on "Create New Application"
Step 3: Click on the green box that states "New Agent Registration"
Step 4: Fill out all demographic information and what facility you will be working at
Step 5: Upload Documentation 

  • Digital Photo
  • Valid driver's license or state issued identification card
  • Proof of Residency
  • Fingerprint Consent Form
  • Authorization Form (Only for agent in charge)
  • Copy of Social Security Card

After uploading files or editing data, be sure you click the “SAVE” button to commit your changes before submitting or resubmitting your application to the department.

We recommend you use the latest version of Google Chrome when accessing and utilizing the registration system.

For each business type as well as each licensed business entity you will be required to apply for and receive a credential by whom you are employed.

Agent FAQs

When should I apply?

All individuals who need an agent ID card per rule, including contractors, should begin applying for their cards once the commencement inspection has been scheduled.

When will I receive notification from the department regarding the status of my application?

The department has 30 days from the date of receipt to process Facility Agent ID applications. Notification will be sent to the email account used to establish your account in the registration system.

Once approved, how long is a card valid?

Facility agent ID cards are valid for one year.

Who should apply?

All owners who hold any portion of the economic or voting interest of a cannabis facility who will have access to the cannabis, and all officers, directors, board members, managers and employees must apply for a facility agent ID card and must submit fingerprints for a criminal record check in order for that application to be considered complete.