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Expired Executive Orders

Executive Order 2020-45

The following deadlines/announcements previously set for July 1 have been suspended by Executive Order 2020-45:

  • The Department of Agriculture will NOT be announcing the award of licenses for craft growers, infusers, or transporters.
  • The deadline for Community College Vocational Cannabis Pilot Program Applications was extended to September 1, 2020.
  • The requirement for currently licensed cultivation centers to have obtained a transporter license has been suspended.

The Department of Agriculture will update this webpage when there are new dates to announce for each of the above. Please review the Executive Order or the Department's Press Release for further details. 

Executive Order 2020-45 has been extended by Executive Orders 2020-71 and 2020-74.


The Act also gave the Department the authority to adopt administrative rules through the use of emergency rulemaking.  The emergency rules can be found in the Illinois Register here (the rules start on page number 1466/page 779 of the pdf). Those rules took effect on January 1, 2020 and remained in effect for 180 days. ​The final rules became effective upon filing on June 3, 2020, and can be found here.

Prior Applications


If you submitted an application for a craft grower, infuser, or transporter, and you receive an email notifying you of a deficiency in your application, please follow the instructions in that email. Deficiency notices will come from the Department of Agriculture, via email, and will identify the missing information and the proper method of submission. The Department is not able to answer any questions or provide any additional information related to a deficiency notice.

Password expiration emails: The Department's third-party scoring company, KPMG, automatically created secure file transfer portals for most applicants, utilizing applicant email addresses and creating assigned passwords. While not all applicants accessed those sites, the file transfer system may send automatic emails to applicants notifying them that their password is about to expire.  Applicants might receive such an email even if they never accessed the secure file transfer portal.  No action is required from an applicant in response to an email from KPMG regarding the password expiration for the file transfer system.

Please note: If an applicant has trouble accessing their file transfer portal and asks for a password reset, applicants must follow the instructions in the password reset email. Password reset emails that are sent at the applicant's request are NOT the same as the automatically sent password expiration emails.


There are 21 licensed early approval adult use cultivation centers.pdf. The Department is authorized under the Act, in the first round of licenses to be issued, to license up to 40 cannabis craft growers and 40 cannabis infusers, and unlimited transporters and community college programs. A list of adult use cannabis licensees can be found at this link. The Department is authorized under the Act to issue up to 60 additional cannabis craft growers and 60 additional cannabis infusers by December 21, 2021.


Para acceder a los pdf traducidos al español de las siguientes leyes y regulaciones haga clic aquí.


Uso de adultos 

Regulación del Cannabis y Licencias y Regulaciones de la Ley de Impuestos, Parte 1300

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