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Product Category Guidance

Product Categories:

1. Usable Marijuana

Examples: Flower, Popcorn/Nuggets, Shake/Trim, Kief, Sand, and Pre-rolls/Blunts intended to be smoked. Concentrates that do not undergo extraction: Kief, Sand, or similar non extracted concentrate intended to be smoked. This category also includes products like flower and pre-rolls enhanced with concentrates or oils that are intended to be smoked.

Note: Many businesses call pre-rolls or flower products enhanced with concentrates “infused pre-rolls” or “infused flower” products leading to incorrect categorization. CRTA definition makes it clear a cannabis-infused product is not intended to be smoked. As such, these products should be categorized as Usable Marijuana.

"Cannabis-infused Product" means a beverage, food, oil, ointment, tincture, topical formulation, or another product containing cannabis that is not intended to be smoked. [410 ILCS 705/1-10]

2. Marijuana Extract for Inhalation

Examples: Vape Extract, Vape Cartridge, Wax, Batter, Budder, Shatter, Sugar, Crumble, Sauce, Diamonds, Resin/Live Resin, and Hash/Bubble Hash that has undergone extraction and is intended for inhalation (smoked or vaporized).

3. Solid Marijuana Infused Edible

Examples: Gummies, Chocolates, Brownies, Cookies, Caramels, Capsules/Tablets (excluding RSO), and Mints infused with marijuana and intended for oral consumption.

4. Liquid Marijuana Infused Edible

Examples: Beverages, Liquid Squeeze Concentrates, and Tinctures infused with marijuana and intended for oral consumption.

5. Marijuana Infused Topical

Examples: Ointment, Lotion, Cream, Transdermal Patch, and Topical Tincture or Formulation infused with marijuana and intended for topical use. Also, RSO when the product is intended for topical use.

6. Liquid Marijuana RSO

Example: All RSO products, liquid or solid, intended for oral consumption. Includes capsules, tablets, and other forms of RSO.

7. Marijuana Mix Packaged

Examples: Mixed lots of Usable Marijuana products intended to be smoked. Also, mixed lots of Marijuana Extract for Inhalation products intended to be smoked.

8. Marijuana Mix Infused

Examples: Mixed lots of Solid Marijuana Infused Edible products intended for oral consumptionMixed lots of Liquid Marijuana Infused Edible products intended for oral consumption. Mixed lots of Marijuana Infused Topical products intended for topical use. Mixed lots of Marijuana Extract for Inhalation products intended for vaporization.