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Licensee Services

NLS* (Agent Credentialing) is the agent credentialing solution where agents, agent-in-charge and principal officers apply for their IDOA credential in order to work in cannabis facilities. They can also update and renew their credentials in the portal as well.
* NLS - NIC Licensing Services

Biotrack (Seed-to-Sale Solution) is the solution IDOA compliance uses to monitor and enforce the cannabis business’. Additionally, some of the cannabis business’ use this portal for their seed-to-sale business process.

NLS (Business Licensing) is the licensing portal where cannabis business’ apply for social equity, social equity fee waivers and cannabis applications. Once licensed, the licensee can update their application and renew their application in the portal. Additionally, variance, modifications, alterations, product registrations, vehicle registrations, change of location and change of ownership are done in this portal as well.