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BioTrack (Seed-to-sale Solution)

Obtaining a Login

You will receive an automatic login once you become a credentialed business with IDOA. You will need to contact IDOA if you do not have a login and need one:

Biotrack Support (if you have a login already) please contact: or call: 800-797-4711

What is Biotrack Cannabis Seed to Sale Software?

Seed to sale software is specialized inventory management software that tracks legal cannabis plants from their early life cycle until the final sale to the end consumer. You can think of it like an easy seed to sale crm that offers cannabis cultivators, processors, and dispensaries easy sale tracking, integrated APIs and effortless record keeping from a centralized point. Seed to sale tracking is important throughout the supply chain to help prevent diversion, assist in product recalls and provide regulators with a clear understanding of the industry. The best seed to sale software on the market does this and so much more. BioTrack’s cannabis seed to sale software will not only help you run a compliant business, but also gives you the tools you need to save time and scale your business.

The BioTrack seed to sale cannabis tracking software was specifically designed for the cannabis industry. The inventory management system will help licensed cannabis businesses as well as states to keep track of inventory throughout the supply chain and help to ensure products are safe well before they reach the general public. This helps both licensed businesses and industries grow to reach their full potential.