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Sales Figures

Illinois Cannabis Market

Illinois’ cannabis market has medical and adult use components.  The medical market permits cannabis production and sale to medical patients, registered under the State’s Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP) or the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program (OAPP).  The adult use market is for anyone over 21 years old who wishes to purchase cannabis and started on January 1, 2020.

Before cannabis reaches consumers, it is grown by cultivation centers and craft growers, may be processed by infusers, and tested by State-approved laboratories.  The graph below shows the total wholesale cannabis sales per month as transferred to dispensaries.  The total is broken into medical and adult use transfers (medical transfers may be sold under adult use rules but adult use transfers are only for adult use consumer sales). 

Select additional tabs on the graph below to view retail sales, which are comprised of medical and adult use dispensary sales, and other sales and price comparisons. 

Monthly Sales Figures Below (also available on Cannabis Sales Figures: Wholesale Sales - Tableau Server (

Further details: 

  • Please be advised the Wholesale Sales slide and data have been updated on 4/19/2024 to remove inaccurate data points and more accurately reflect wholesale transactions.
  • Wholesale Sales, Retail Sales, and Adult Use Sales are CROO analysis of seed-to-sale data system using reports pulled monthly over the past 7 years.

  • All sales numbers—for both wholesale and retail markets—are subject to change as corrections, recalls, voids, and other alterations may change the monthly totals.   

  • Totals may not sum exactly because they are rounded to the nearest $100,000 and because slight changes in database querying methods may unintentionally exclude some transactions.  As data integrity and reporting improves, the totals may be updated over time to be more accurate.

  • Sales totals are not inclusive of taxes collected for wholesale or retail sales. 

  • Dollars are totals of transactions and not adjusted for inflation.