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Past Procurement Opportunities:

Joint Purchase Cannabis Seed to Sale Tracking System and Resources RFP


    - Bid number 23-440DFPR-SECRE-B-29251

    - BEP goal: 20% 

    - For more information, contact 


The State’s data system will be a fully-hosted, supported, and maintained Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, with heavy preference towards out of the box (no-code) and easily configurable (low-code) solutions, to meet the State’s cannabis inventory tracking mandates set out by the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act (Acts), and applicable State rules and regulations.  

The S2S System shall maintain and enhance the core IT and business functionalities that currently exist and are in use by the S2S System users along with the ability to scale with the State’s evolving cannabis industry.   

The new solution will have a regulatory portal for State users to access and utilize, a business portal for licensees to access and utilize, and a consumer portal for the public to view and access.


After the competitive procurement process, Illinois issued a Notice of Award for Metrc LLC to provide Illinois’ seed-to-sale tracking solution.  The proposed solution will transition the State’s seed-to-sale solution from incumbent BioTrack to Metrc over a 180-day period after the contract is executed.  Further details and information will be provided to cannabis businesses over the coming weeks and months.

Metrc’s proposal provided the most value based on the needs of the State listed in the RFP and included a 25% BEP utilization plan.