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Operational Extension Notice for Craft Growers

Thursday, January 26, 2023
01:00 AM to 01:00 AM CST

The Department of Agriculture's administrative rules allow for craft growers to receive an operational extension for good cause shown, at the Department's discretion.  The Department has granted an operational extension to all craft grower license holders due to a number of factors, including ongoing Covid-19 impacts and supply chain issues. 

The Department previously authorized an operational deadline extension for 2021 Craft Growers which required them to become operational by March 1, 2023. The Department is now authorizing an additional extension applicable to all 2021 Craft Growers, extending their operational deadline to February 1, 2024.

For the same reasons, the operational deadline for 2022 Craft Growers is extended to December 1, 2024.

Licensees should be aware that additional extensions may not be granted, and the Department retains the authority to adhere to this operational deadline, regardless of factors related to finances, ownership changes, location-related issues, or other reasons.